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Frequently Asked Questions 2011-07-04 00:00:00 COII
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1. What is the Coii English website?
Coii Eng is the English version of the Korean Coii online store, which provides you with localized hence more convenient shopping experience.


2. What kinds of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal / credit cards via PayPal. (No account required)


3. Customer Services Operating hours?
GMT+9(Seoul) 10AM~5PM
New York 9PM~4AM
L.A. 6PM~1AM
London 2AM~9AM
Closed on weekends/Holidays
Please post your inquiries on our Q&A board and they will be answered shortly. (If it is after customer service operating hours, we will answer them the next business day.)
Orders can be placed 24/7 regardless of Customer service operating hours.
Please take into consideration that products of your order can be out of stock as we check the inventory not until we process your order
We appreciate your kind understanding.


4. What do I do with unpaid orders?
Coii accepts orders upon their payment only.
Since unpaid orders are not processed, you do not need to cancel your unpaid orders.


5. Notification of out of stock products or delay in delivery
It is crucial that your account information(telephone number and email address) is precise since we contact you via telephone or email when issues such as out of stock or delivery delay arise.
For the product inventory is not checked until we process your order, the time it takes for us to contact you may differ by product.
Please take into consideration that there are cases where we are unable to reach you for notification.
We appreciate your kind understanding.


6. Shipping policy
Shipping method : EMS
Estimated shipping time : 7-10 business days
One day delivery is not available.
Please take into consideration that the products of your order may be unavailable or delayed in manufacturing due to conditions of materials or manufacturer.



Shipping cost :
Shipping to US, Canada, Australia

For purchases over 300 USD : Free shipping
For purchases under 300 USD : Shipping cost of 30 USD is charged.

Shipping to other destinations : shipping costs are automatically calculated and charged when placing an order.


Customs and Duties :
International shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties and customs fees, which are levied once your package reaches the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the recipient. In case that the customer refuses to receive the parcel, the products are to be returned to Korea and will not be shipped again. Relevant costs(shipping, customs and etc) are the responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from the refund.


7. How do I modify my order before it is shipped?
Orders under [Preparing for shipping] status are eligible for modification. (Shoes, purses, and accessories are not eligible for order modification in any case.)
Please post your exchange/refund request on our Refund request board and we will shortly contact you upon checking on your request.


8. Order status
-View your order status
Sign into the Coii websites and go to My Page. Your order history and details can be found on the My Page menu.
-Order status
Payment complete : orders for which payments have been completed. (Status update may take a few seconds due to data processing)
If your order status remains as Queued for Payment for longer than 2 days after payment, please contact our Customer services.
Preparing for shipping : Orders under the [Preparing for Shipping] status are eligible for order modification.
Cancelled by Seller : applicable to the products that are unavailable due to low inventory, delay or other reasons.
Please post a request for refund on our Refund request board AFTER you receive the rest of your order. (Order number, product code, reasons of request are required.)
Shipped : Orders under the [Shipped] status are being shipped to the designated address.
Delivered : Status of orders that are dispatched shall be automatically updated to [Delivered] 7 days after shipping.


9. Why has products on the Korean Coii websites not been updated on the English Coii websites?
Due to data transfer and translation process, products on the Korean Coii websites might not be updated on the English Coii websites promptly.
Products that are newly released on the Korean Coii websites are also to be updated on the English Coii websites within 2~3 days.
In order to purchase products that have not been updated on the English Coii websites, please post a request on the Q&A board so that we can promptly update the corresponding products for you.
FYI. When searching for products that you have seen on Korean Coii websites, searching by product code is recommended for your convenience.
Please post inquiries on our Q&A board if you are unable to spot the product of your interest.


10. Why do the products in my shopping card disappear?
Due to Coii’s fast and prompt product update, the product data in your shopping cart is saved only for a certain period of time.
As your shopping cart data is saved on your computer, the products in your shopping cart will not appear when you access the cart via other devices or PC.

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